Welcome, Everything is Fine

Hello, and welcome to Goddess Directory! This site is intended to be a lot of things:

  • A directory of women-run independent stores

  • A community of people with good taste who like supporting these businesses

  • Resources and tools for women looking to finally start that side hustle

I'm Elana, and I created this thing. If I'm being honest, sharing this site is scary. I came up with the first incarnation of this site about two years ago, and I've created and given up on multiple versions of this since. When concept first came up, I had just finished doing a big giveaway of feminist items from women-run businesses to raise money for Planned Parenthood, and when it ended, I put together a blog post of all of the shops I knew that donated proceeds from purchases to good causes. I realized that the list would constantly be changing, so I set out to create a site devoted to it....and I got so frustrated with the technical aspect that I gave up. Later, I decided to go for it again but widen the net to focusing on any women-run small business...and I never finished it. I've since tried and failed to create it multiple times, never really nailing down how I wanted it to look or function. Keeping up side projects while working a full time job is HARD, but if you're reading this, chances are that you already know that a little too well.

Now, two years later and armed with much more technical savvy and a hunger for a new creative outlet, I'm trying again. Phew.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit (I should create an entire post on all of the side projects I've tried to launch over the years) so it makes sense that small businesses hold a special place in my heart. Because of this, I've done my best to share female-run small businesses as much as possible on my blog and Instagram, and it's always struck me how many people seem to appreciate it or how often I see others asking for suggestions of small shops to support. When I realized that there wasn't an easy way to search for them other than browsing through Instagram for hours, it became clear that a lot of other people would benefit from a directory. As I started working, I made the decision to make the focus independent businesses rather than just small ones, mainly because everyone has a different idea of what's considered "small."

This site is that in its first phase. While I'm starting with a small handful of categories and blog posts featuring content around the shops featured, I have a lot of plans to grow this. The idea behind this is for it to be ever-growing and community-building. I've started off with shops that I love, but I'm hoping you all will help me add to the directory by submitting shops you love as well. And since I never tire of being overly transparent on the Internet, here are some of my immediate plans for the site:

  • Add additional categories, starting with Beauty, Vintage, and Disney

  • Introduce directories of brick and mortar stores categorized by city

  • Share business related tools for entrepreneurs just starting out

  • And more!

If anything, I think my attempts and failures to create this and to get side projects off the ground is the perfect example of what I'm trying to promote rather than be ashamed of. I want this site to be a celebration of women who have gone for it and the failures that happened along the way. I'm really excited about this opportunity to create a space that celebrates independent business and the women who run them. I hope you'll stick with me as it grows.

P.S. I know this is supposed to be about women, but I also hope you'll stick with me as I pepper the site with references to Mike Schur shows, such as this post title (reference to The Good Place) and the site name (reference to Parks and Rec).