Small Shop Wishlist: Nikki Marie of Nikkie Marie Apparel

This November and December, we're spreading the love. Instead of typical gift guides, we're asking some of our favorite people what they're asking for this holiday season. The only caveat? All of their must-haves must be from small shops. Luckily, that happens to be an easy task for those participating. If you're looking for ideas while you're doing your holiday shopping, here are five more ideas:

Name: Nikki Marie

Location: Sonoma County, California

Your shop: Nikki Marie Apparel

The Top 5 Items on your Wishlist from Small Shops This Year:

Item: Wadjet Pearl Earrings

Shop it’s from: Cocoacentric

Why I’m coveting it: I have a few pieces from Cocoacentric and I love them all. Amazing quality and wonderful woman behind the company. I love these earrings since I’m a firm believer in the evil eye.

Item: Custom Pet Portrait

Shop it’s from: WeirdVanity

Why I’m coveting it: Amazing woman and artist. Love that you can get a custom portrait of your


Item: Couture Dog Clothing

Shop it’s from: The Stylish Bisou

Why I’m coveting it: Couture clothing for your dog and reasonably priced for the amazing work. I already bought my pug’s holiday box from her and dresses before.

Item: Large PF Candle

Shop it’s from: Revel Shop SF

Why I’m coveting it: I love this shop in San Francisco! Beautiful plants and florals. This candle

sends me to a happy place.

Item: The Widow

Shop it’s from: The Fashionista Stop

Why I’m coveting it: Love this vintage shop! Shopping small also means to me to shop

sustainably too. Thrift shopping or vintage shopping is a great way to start being more



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