Small Shop Wishlist: Miss Audrey Sweetblack

This November and December, we're spreading the love. Instead of typical gift guides, we're asking some of our favorite people what they're asking for this holiday season. The only caveat? All of their must-haves must be from small shops. Luckily, that happens to be an easy task for those participating. If you're looking for ideas while you're doing your holiday shopping, here are five more ideas:

Name: Miss Audrey Sweetblack

Location: France


Instagram: @misssweetblack

The Top 5 Items on your Wishlist from Small Shops This Year:

Item/Link: Vintage inspired accessories

Shop it’s from: Dolly Cool

Why I’m coveting it:

Clare the owner and designer is a gem and her work is so fun and original.

Item/Link: True vintage pieces

Shop it’s from: Viva Soul London

Why I’m coveting it: This UK online shop specialized into selling quality true vintage pieces is amazing. They have a large choice of garments from the 40s to the 80s.

Item/Link: One shoulder silver dress

Shop it’s from: Black Sheep Designs

Why I’m coveting it: The designer you need to know if you want a modern retro look.

Item/Link: Lucite Bag Marilyn

Shop it’s from: Kooki De Lou

Why I’m coveting it: The best Lucite Bag reproductions ever!

Item/Link: Lucille Ball Blouse and more...

Shop it’s from: Nikki Marie Apparel

Why I’m coveting it: One of the best vintage-inspired fashion designer I know and also a beautiful and strong woman behind.