Small Shop Wishlist: Mia Calotta of A Shop of Things

This November and December, we're spreading the love. Instead of typical gift guides, we're asking some of our favorite people what they're asking for this holiday season. The only caveat? All of their must-haves must be from small shops. Luckily, that happens to be an easy task for those participating. If you're looking for ideas while you're doing your holiday shopping, here are five more ideas:

Name: Mia Calotta

Location: Nashville, TN

Your shop: A Shop of Things and Shop Burning Love

The Top 5 Items on your Wishlist from Small Shops This Year:

Item: Ash and Chess holiday card

Shop it’s from: Ash and Chess

Why I’m coveting it: I love the idea of sending this to all my friends this year! What a year it’s been and this card embodies it perfectly.

Item/Link: any Christmas candle

Shop it’s from: Gold + Ivy

Why I’m coveting it: I got a couple of these candles last year and they’re perfect to burn when hanging out at home near the Christmas tree! I got a fake tree last year so I know I’m gonna need a spruce candle to get that Christmas smell in my home!

Item/Link: Designer Pussy keychain

Shop it’s from: Geneva Diva

Why I’m coveting it: I got this for a friend a while back and now I want one for myself! Plus it must be fun to show whoever scans your Kroger card.

Item/Link: The Brit earrings

Shop it’s from: Stella + Haas

Why I’m coveting it: In quarantine I’m finding it helpful to lift my spirits to throw some jewelry on with my t shirts and this pair is it! Simple with a twist. Literally.

Item/Link: Absolutely anything from Hifi cookies!

Shop it’s from: Hifi cookies

Why I’m coveting it: These cookies are how I’ve survived 2020! My favorites are the Bowie- sugar cookies with sprinkles. Plus it feels good knowing I’m supporting a local (Nashville) business run by an amazing couple.