Small Shop Wishlist: Katrina Darwin of The Geekery

This November and December, we're spreading the love. Instead of typical gift guides, we're asking some of our favorite people what they're asking for this holiday season. The only caveat? All of their must-haves must be from small shops. Luckily, that happens to be an easy task for those participating. If you're looking for ideas while you're doing your holiday shopping, here are five more ideas:

Name: Katrina Darwin

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Your shop: The Geekery

The Top 5 Items on your Wishlist from Small Shops This Year:

Item/Link: NES Kirby Keychain Handmade Collectable

Shop it’s from: Pixel Craft

Why I’m coveting it (1-2 sentences): First off, who doesn’t love Kirby? The little pink weirdo can inhale the powers of his opponents! Second off, this keychain is 3D printed to look exactly like the classic video game cartridges us 80’s and 90’s kids grew up with! How cool is that?

Item/Link: Lucifer Inspired Candle Detective

Shop it’s from: Always October Candles

Why I’m coveting it: I have been OBSESSED with Lucifer (the tv show) lately, and this candle feeds all of my Lucifer x Chloe OTP dreams. I have smelled some of Always October Candles’ candles before and they are all delicious, and I can only imagine this one is just as yummy.

Item/Link: I'm Otterly In Love With You Greeting Card

Shop it’s from: Carmen Szeto Draws

Why I’m coveting it: Otters are the CUTEST thing ever, especially when they are drawn in a cute cartoon style, and I love that otters fall asleep holding hands. It makes my heart melt thinking about it.

Item/Link: Black Cat Jiji Pin

Shop it’s from: TealTeacup

Why I’m coveting it: Jiji is my FAVORITE of all of the Studio Ghibli characters, and I adore the cat meme “if I fits I sits”, so this pin is the perfect combination of the two!

Item/Link: Weirdo Enamel Pin

Shop it’s from: Adorned by Chi

Why I’m coveting it: There’s no denying it - I’m a weirdo, and this pin sums me up in one hard enamel little package. Plus it’s adorable, so it’s a pin that is accurate and super cute to wear!