Small Shop Wishlist: Alyssa Albanese

This November and December, we're spreading the love. Instead of typical gift guides, we're asking some of our favorite people what they're asking for this holiday season. The only caveat? All of their must-haves must be from small shops. Luckily, that happens to be an easy task for those participating. If you're looking for ideas while you're doing your holiday shopping, here are five more ideas:

Name: Alyssa Albanese

Location: Orange County, California

IG handle: @littlespookycute

The Top 5 Items on your Wishlist from Small Shops This Year:

Item/Link: Pink Bow Tie Mask

Shop it’s from: Caped and Masked

Why I’m coveting it: Obviously we’re all wearing masks and why not make it cute? I’m obsessed with this one with the big bow and I love that it comes in other colors but the pink is definitely my favorite!

Item/Link: Knitted Scarves

Shop it’s from: Clammy Heart

Why I’m coveting it: I have no business wearing a scarf in California BUT these are too cute not too and I love how colorful they are! The Animal Crossing fruit one is the cutest!

Item/Link: Alice Pinafore

Shop it’s from: My Violet

Why I’m coveting it: I love a good pinafore and this one is pink and it looks so comfy! It’s the perfect shade of pink.

Item/Link: Magickal Series Enamel Pin Bundle

Shop it’s from: Witch Visions

Why I’m coveting it: I love anything spooky cute and this pin set is PERFECT! I can definitely wear these pins all year round.

Item/Link: 1930's Style Turban

Shop it’s from: Teal Paperbox

Why I’m coveting it: Once I figured out how to style these vintage style turbans, I’m obsessed! They are so versatile and I love adding flowers. The fall plaid colorway is gonna be so perfect for Fall!