Elana's Current Favorites

Elana Katz-Goddess Directory-Luella Tee

Even though this site just launched a week ago, I've been sharing my favorite items from small businesses for a loooong time. I've had a personal blog for over 7 years, and I've been sharing regular lists of Etsy favorites for most of that time. I'm not sure if I'll stop sharing them on that blog yet, but even if I do, I want to continue shining a light on items that catch my eye. The directory is already big and growing, so I want to have an opportunity to share some specific items that I'm into at the moment and that you might have missed.

First up is the shirt I'm wearing in the photo above (that's me!) from Luella. This shirt could not be more perfect and it's a great reminder to everyone you come into contact with to support women-owned independent businesses.


Consider me obsessed with Nooworks' new line. The brand always has amazing prints, but the Magic patterns are another level. The Lovely Leah Dress is my personal favorite.

If you've ever followed me, you'll know that I've made my love for The Five 15 no secret (there will be an interview with Angie coming soon!). She just released some new vinyl stickers of some of her latest art, and they've got me hyped.

I have a couple of pairs of earrings from Sleepy Mountain, and they're probably the ones I get the most compliments on. I love that these black nail earrings can go straight from Halloween looks to being worn all year round.


Where are all my Fleabag fans at? After I couldn't stop thinking about the second season, I went back and rewatched both seasons recently and now I can't stop thinking about it even more. The Silver Spider has some amazing pop culture pins, but this Fleabag/Hot Priest set has my heart.


I'm on the hunt for some slightly shorter skirts (I'm an old lady who almost exclusively wears midi skirts) to wear for more casual looks and and with tights in the winter. I've had my eye on the velvet Scout Skirts from Tuesday Bassen because not only do they look versatile, they also look incredibly comfortable.


Hi, my anxiety has gotten worst in the past year or so to the point where it's becoming an actual thing rather than me saying "I'm just a worrier haha!". Anxiety isn't fun, but this keychain from Little Arrow sure is. Can you relate? Probably.


My friend Kristen's shop, Mint Julep Maven's shop isn't listen in the directory yet because I'm working on a section of Disney shops that it will be included in, but I have a few of her items in my cart so I can't help but share now. She just released some Halloween accessories, and I'm eyeing a bunch of them, especially this Disney in My Bones pin.


I'm dying over Make Pie Not War's newest tassel earrings. These Gina Earrings in particular are gorgeous and just look like they would go with everything.