So, what do you want to know?


Where did the name Goddess Directory come from?

Obviously from here. Do you even have to ask?


How do you choose the shops in the directory?

While all of the stores featured have to meet the criteria of being an independent business, this list is curated, meaning that a lot of it comes down to opinion. It will never be possible to list every single small shop, so the ones I've chosen are those that I think like-minded people will be happy to find.


How are you defining a small business"?

Generally speaking, a business that is primarily owned by someone who is not a straight, cis white man and is fully independent. I don't have access to revenue data to be able to determine a business as "small", but I'm doing my best to only include businesses that are independently owned and the person who started the business is still running the show.


Can I suggest a business? 

PLEASE DO! I need all the help I can get. You can submit a business here.


If I submit a business, will it be included?

Possibly! As I said, this is a curated directory, so I'll include ones that I think others will find interesting.


I think [a business you mentioned isn't independent / you got a fact wrong], can I let you know?

Absolutely! This is a constant learning process, and while I'm trying me best to do research and get things right, I won't pretend like I won't make mistakes! Feel free to let me know (but please be nice about it)!


Will you be including more categories?

You bet! I'm launching with these to start, but I have plans to add directories for beauty, Disney, vintage, and more.